• C O N C E P T   D E S I G N E R

T H E   I D E A   G E N E R A T O R     [ c o n c e p t d e s i g n ]

Concept art and design is about getting ideas flowing, inspiring, and making people excited, while solving visual problems. It is about creating worlds that one could never imagine otherwise. With a balance of traditional and digital art experience, as well as graphic design foundations let me take you on a visual journey.

V I S U A L I Z I N G   A L L   A N G L E S    [ 3 d a r t i s t ]

Creating characters is creating believeable, and exciting personalities. Subtle details are key to a succesful character. Silouhette,dynamism, and energy must come through in the design and pose. Other key factors include ensuring proper deformations when animation is applied. With the skills learned in the Game Art and Design from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts; I am able to efficiently meet industry standards.

Y O U R   P R O B L E M   S O L V E R    [ g r a p h i c d e s i g n ]

Graphic design is visual problem solving. Design is about a finding the fine balance between form and function. There must always be a reason for the design. With a diploma of Graphic Design from Grant MacEwan University, I am able to visually solve problems for you.

Whether you are looking for poster design, an ad, or rebranding your company with logo, business cards and letterheads; I've got you covered.